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Macon, GA


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Berkner Insurance Agency provides the quality and attention of an independent agent, while making sure you get the best prices, plans, and benefits available. All from our conveniently located Macon office on Bass Road. We brought them to present times building them their first website that supported a new modern design that made them competitive with other local insurance companies.


Starting their insurance agency from scratch, Berkner Insurance Agency came to us to implement their marketing strategy effectively. They wanted us to build a website that would promote their services and deliver them leads through the online community as well as advertise their brand through social media platforms such as Facebook.


The approach to Berkner Insurance Agency required us to take into consideration their corporate branding guidelines and marketing practices. First, we developed some initial mockups and designs for their team to choose from. After they were happy with the design they picked out, we began gathering content from them to develop the remainder of the website. During this, our team was also developing a social media strategy to rapidly expand their following online.


Our team put together an integrative platform that would serve as the base for all of their marketing efforts. Their site features a completely responsive web design, with user-friendly lead generation contact forms, and integrated social media. Our social media management team put together a marketing strategy consisting of periodical updates, giveaways, and paid ads to put their page on the map!


Berkner Insurance Agency’s new website was able to perform as a lead generation tool for their marketing efforts. With their new website, we were able to give them a modern look, as well as open the door to gaining clientele online now. Through our social media team’s efforts, they were able to expand their following from 0 to several thousand real people in their target area within a short amount of time.