Social Media Management

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social Media is the future of online commerce. You need to make sure you are utilizing every platform consistently, or you'll miss out on key audiences. We'll make sure your accounts are all synced up and active.

Keep Your Audience Involved

Keep your customers engaged on social media with our social media management. You'll be able to schedule posts across all platforms and stay on top of your social media marketing. Be able to convert those strangers into loyal followers and even better — customers!

How Does it Work

To start off, we'll establish some goals that you'd like to accomplish in your social media campaign. From their we will come up with a comprehensive strategy that lays a roadmap to accomplish your goals. Then we'll get to work on seeing through that plan and getting your business results. With Hickman, you'll have access to comprehensive reports and interactions to take your profile to the next level.

Publish Content Across Networks

First we'll create posts for your organization according to what you would like to promote, highlight, etc. Then, we tailor each post to its specific social network. Once the designing is done, we find a time best to schedule your post according to your analytics. Then finally your post is live and being seen by your following on all devices!

Engage Your Following

Once your post is live, we'll start collecting analytical data about your followers and their interactions with the post. From this you'll be able to see and respond to your comments and likes all in one place. To help prioritize some interactions over others, you can event tag and assign to specific messages. From all of these interactions taking place we'll be able to guide you on future posts and strategies.

Listen to What People Are Saying

On social media, you shouldn't just be concerned with what takes place on your page, but with anytime someone mentions your brand. With our tools you can see what people are saying regarding your business. You'll also be able to stay on top of any bad publicity before it becomes a social media disaster. You'll be able to build relationships with your clients and identify which ones are your most passionate ambassadors!

Reporting Metrics That Matter

After putting in the work of captivating your followers, we'll take a step back and look at the valuable reporting metrics. Using these we'll be able to see what hashtags and posting times are trending. From the data we'll be able to tell you what are the best times to post and which posts are outperforming. You'll also receive vital insight into the performance of your competitors accounts.

We Create Premium Designs and Management.