Montego Pools

After years of a stagnant website, Montego Pools was ready to have an upgrade. Their online presence underwent a complete remodel from their reputation to their website.

Montego Pools
Release Date:
February 11, 2019

A Fresh New Look

After having a stagnant webpage and lack-luster reviews, Montego Pools was searching for a fresh start online. To give their website a refreshed look, we decided to go with a bright design that displayed the beauty of their work. To make sure that they didn't fall back into a static website, we implemented a blog and collection of recent projects for their clients to see new content as the years progressed. To tackle the problem of their low reviews and website visibility, we started them on both our listing management and website management. With these tactics, we were able to get them listed on over 60 sites and raise their rating to a 4.6 within the first month.

Website Design

As mentioned before, we did a complete revamp of the Montego Pools website. We primarily focused on showing off their beautiful work and giving visitors a chance to see how they stand out from their competitors. We went about this in several ways. First, we made sure to incorporate beautiful high-quality photos. Then, we added a page to display their recent projects and the information about each pool. To help ensure their visitors that Montego Pool's was the best choice we included a graphic comparing the services to their local competitors. Finally, as standard, we included our responsive design, SEO optimized infrastructure, and analytic tracking features.

Listing Management

In addition to a great website, we wanted to make sure that their clients could find them anywhere online. That being said we took a Local SEO approach to rank them higher in search results. To start they were only listed on about 2-4 websites, and even then some of their information was incorrect. We immediately began creating listings for Montego Pools on our network of over 100+ publishers. Within the first week, we had increased their number of listings to 61. This also allowed us to run comparisons against their competitors and how they rank against them.

Reputation Management

Our approach to improving their public reputation was to take a comprehensive review of all of their review platforms. We found that the reason for their low rating was just one or two bad reviews. To combat this we decided to contact their current customer base and ask them to leave a review. From our review generation campaign, we generated reviews which raised their comprehensive rating to a 4.6. We were then able to embed these positive reviews on their website for their visitors to see. This also allowed for their 4.6-star rating to appear by their website in search results making it more visible.

With their new website, Montego Pools has been able to stand out from their competitors. On their site, their clients can find everything they need. Because of this, their website receives longer site visits and more conversions.

Website Features:
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Fully Responsive
  • Blog
  • Recent Projects
  • Review Generation
  • Conversion pop-ups

Because of the review generation links on the website, it allows us to isolate the bad reviews and give us time to handle them; thus improving their image.

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