Minori's Italian Ristorante

After announcing their opening with a news article, Minori's decided that a professional website would be the perfect option to generate new enthusiasm for their new opening.

Minori's Italian Ristorante
Release Date:
September 14, 2018

Great Food & An Even Better Website

As a new addition to the town of Forsyth, Minori's Italian Ristorante was highly anticipated by all! However, there was very little information about the restaurant, other than a new article. Therefore, we suggested that they have their website professionally done by us to show off their upcoming menu, events, and features. This way, Minori's could spur interest before their initial launch. We were sure to pack features like Click-to-Call buttons for customers to make their reservations.

Website Personalization

As the first couple of months passed, actual ground traffic began to slow; however, to combat this, we instituted website personalizations so that each visitor has a unique and memorable experience on the website. Using this tactic, we implemented a pop-up that appeared when visitors were near the restaurant, giving them directions with an option to make reservations. This helped to make it easier for people to not only find the restaurant, but book a reservation as well. These tactics help to encourage visitors to take the next step and actually visit the establishment.

The ultimate goals of their website have been to showoff their cuisine and drive customers to their restaurant. Over the course of the first couple of months, their site received thousands of visitors and page interactions.

Top Features:
  • Website Personalization
  • Click To Call
  • Online Menu
  • Display Gallery

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