Mary Persons Touchdown Club

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Mary Persons Touchdown Club
Release Date:
September 14, 2018

Increasing Donations & Sponsorships

During the 2018-2019 football season, the Mary Persons Touchdown Club had a goal of increasing donations and sponsorships for their club. One of the limitations they found was that there was only one way for people to become members. In addition, the club had very few options when it came to sponsorship opportunities. They came to the conclusion that a new website would open up a new pipeline for membership, as well as give them new opportunities for sponsors.

In the context of existing members and players, the website displayed the schedule of the team and provided directions, scores, and a game recap. Also, it had a roster on the site with the players' photo, number, and position.

Increasing Donations

To increase donations, we embedded donation buttons into the website so visitors could join as members online. This gave their fans a new and quicker way to become members. Also, it allowed them the ability to create sponsorship levels. Now, they had a new benefit of being a touchdown club sponsor. Their company's logo and website would be displayed on the Touchdown Club website. This enticed many big companies in the area. Therefore, the Touchdown Club was able to increase their offering and pay for their website that year with sponsorships.

We used to have a website, but we never had anyone that would keep up with it. So, we just kinda let it go.

Keeping Members Informed

It was essential to the touchdown club that someone would be updating it with player information and weekly game reports. However, no one seemed to have the time to do so. Therefore, we recommended they enroll in one of our website management plans. This way the club could focus on raising money and supporting the football team on and off the field. Included in this, were updates to the team roster, photos, and sponsorship information. In addition to that, Hickman posted details about crucial game-day information like driving directions, scores, and game recaps. Thanks to this, the touchdown club was able to have a successful year online.

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