Alexis Bowcock

Alexis Bowcock needed a way to display her talents in club soccer to potential scouts. We decided to go with a custom website that she can send to coahces, scouts, and friends to shwocase her talents.

Alexis Bowcok
Release Date:
September 14, 2018

A New Way to Attract Attention

In the world of competitive soccer, it's essential that you stand out in a crowd. If not, you risk not being seen by college coaches, scouts, and directors. To allow scouts and coaches to see Alexis on and off the field, we came up with the idea of using a website to showcase her highlights. Alexis maximizes her website's effectiveness by promoting it on social media and emailing it to prospective coaches and scouts before showcases. From this, she's been able to give coaches a view of her highlights, accomplishments, and interests, all in a simple interactive way.

With Alexis' website she had access to vital analytics to observe which colleges are watching her and from where!

Alexis used the information from her analytics to see which scouts and coaches were opening her promotional emails and what they were looking at on her page. She, also, uses her website to highlight her good games and school activities. This allows coaches to get to know her not only as an athlete, but also as a person.

Standing Out On & Off The Field

Alexis' website does a great job of showing off her soccer skills. However, it's important that people are able to find it fast. That means, we not only had to focus on a brilliant design, but also a website that ranks well in search results. To do this, we made sure to SEO optimize her website and give her a robust platform to start with. Then, we made sure to target certain keywords associated with her soccer career. For example, we decided to target the club she plays for, the California Thorns. That way, when someone looks up California Thorns in a search, it will not only display her clubs website, but hers as well.

Along with the great features that we've discussed about Alexis' website such as her analytics and SEO optimization, we included a number of additional features to make sure her website was a success.

Website Features:
  • Custom Email
  • Contact Forms
  • Interactive Schedule
  • Mobile Optimization

To learn how you can get a website just like Alexis' contact us today! We'll be happy to get you set up with a custom website for you to showcase your abilities.

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