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Heart of Georgia Hospice is a non-profit organization that provides end of life care that extends beyond the bedside. Started in 1984, they’ve been serving the Middle Georgia area through their hospice services, thrift stores, and bereavement camps for kids. We revitalized their online presence bringing a single point of reference for their numerous ventures.


After facing many problems with their original WordPress website, including usability, broken links, and phased out plugins. Heart of Georgia Hospice was ready to revamp their website; however, they lacked the knowledge and time to invest in such a project. Our end goal would be to create a website that was user/mobile-friendly, which encompassed all aspects of their business.


The approach to Heart of GA Hospice was simple and one we had taken with the majority of our clients. First, we developed some initial mockups for their team to choose from. After they decided on their “new look”, we began indexing the content on their original site. Using that, we developed a wireframe of the site structure for them to approve. After approval, we went forward with integrating their chosen design and existing content together. All of this was done using our in-house CMS system and developers. 


The end result was a completely responsive website that seamlessly replaced the footprint left behind by their old website. Before we launch, we incorporated 404 redirects to fix the broken links and replace the old pages. That way, no-one sees an error message when visiting the new site. Secondly, we hosted the site on Amazon Web Services, the most reliable and secure hosting platform available. Lastly, we installed a state of the art SSL Certificate to ensure end-to-end encryption for communication of sensitive information like patient information, job applications, etc.


Heart of GA Hospice’s new website addressed all of the issues they faced with their previous website. With their new website, we were able to give them a new clean look, as well as fix the usability issues they were facing. By building their new website on our platform, we were able to eliminate the worry for broken links, and outdated plugins that plagued their old website. Also, they were now able to deliver form submissions directly to their team members, which they were unable to do previously on their WordPress platform.

Immediately, the client was able to see the website was built on a better quality system, because of faster page load speeds, dynamic display types (mobile friendly), and the solutions to their email problems. They were also able to take advantage of the new online communication features of their website at a crucial time such as the COVID-19 pandemic.